Store Update

The building is progressing ahead of schedule and we couldn't be more happy.  When we checked on Wednesday Nov 2, the paint was going up and the heating and air conditioning system was being installed.  The flooring and fixtures are on order and should be delivered within the next couple of weeks.  We hope to be able to start installing all of those items the week before Thanksgiving.

On the people side, we are thrilled that we are building a great team.  Heather Hart, Ultramarathon Runner, Training Guru and all around crazy woman had her official first day on November 1st and promptly rolled into leading our first ever training program, a beginners marathon training program targeting the Myrtle Beach Marathon.  Joining us on Nov 14 will be the Scuba Queen, Chelsey Richardson.  She brings a great attitude and a love of running to the team and will be a great person for our customers to come to for advice and encouragement.  We have a couple more people we are speaking with, but all of them bring unique skills and perspectives which will make our customers feel welcome and that will help people achieve their fitness goals.

Stay tuned for more!

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